QVS PARTS LLC is based in Wyoming, and we do have one wholesale distribution footprint in Istanbul for EMEA and one in Shanghai for Asia & Australia regions.

QVS PARTS is a full service manufacturing and engineering company providing aftermarket solutions world wide with superior customer service, an effortless experience and a broad network.

We manufacture Hydraulic & Pneumatic Seal and Seal Kits.

On top of our Seal and Seal Kit production we are also acting as a parts trader in the market. We do have partnerships with a lot of different OEM brands. In our product portfolio we have more than 100K spare parts in order to serve our Agriculture, Construction, Commercial Vehicle and Passenger Vehicle customers. For those 4 different business lines we provide spare parts of some of the major part groups like engine, transmission, filters, brakes etc. We are continuously increasing our product portfolio day by day based on our customers’ needs.

QVS PARTS creates a difference with its customer centric dedication, technological infrastructure, fragmented wholesale distribution locations in the sector that provides high quality services to our customers.

To keep our sustainable relations in the market for years is because we provide high quality devices with fast delivery and customer care approach in order to maximize customer satisfaction.

“Customer satisfaction” is milestone for us.

That simple fact, combined with the mission of providing exceptional customer service, products, and on-time delivery to each and every customer is what turns our one-time buyers into lifelong customers.